They’re coming out in droves now, the Paris debutants. Next on the cast list is a battery-powered electric variant of the B-Class called the Concept B-Class Electric Drive, which will join the B 200 Natural Gas Drive on the stands.

The concept is one of the first models to incorporate the term “Electric Drive” into its model designation, the automaker says – expect to see ED lettering adorning the boot lids of all battery-powered electric passenger cars from the brand as well as Mercedes-AMG and smart EVs.

It’s equipped with a 100 kW electric motor, and other figures include 310 Nm of torque and an operating range of around 200 km. The battery can be charged at any standard domestic 230 V power outlet or alternatively – with rapid charging function – at a 400 V high-voltage terminal.

Features include a so-called Energy Space in the floor of the vehicle, in front of the rear axle. While providing a safe and space-saving means of accommodating the lithium-ion battery, it also ensures that the concept offers the same generous and variable cabin space provided by the current series production models.

The company says the vehicle is almost ready for series production, with plans for a market launch sometime in 2014.