The leftmost lane of the SPRINT highway from the Jalan Maarof junction heading towards Damansara will undergo a trial closure for seven days beginning this Wednesday (November 28), to facilitate work on the MRT. The closure, covering a stretch of 400 metres, will be in effect for 24 hours for the duration of the trial.

“The closure was necessary because the MRT construction working area is on the monsoon drain, close to the leftmost lane of the SPRINT highway and therefore the leftmost lane will be affected by the work,” said MRT Corp public relations and communications director Amir Mahmood Razak in a statement.

“Given the limited work area available, this trial closure will enable the study of vehicle movement during the peak and non-peak hours, and emergency response measures for better traffic management.”

MRT Corp is working closely with Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia (LLM), Projek Penyelenggaraan Lebuhraya (PROPEL) and SPRINT highway on this. LLM has approved the trial closure, SPRINT will be monitoring the traffic flow during this period, and PROPEL will be managing the traffic diversion.

Currently, MRT work locations are Jalan Peel (until December 2), Jalan Cheras (until December 31), SPRINT from Bukit Kiara to Jalan Maarof (until November 14, 2013) and Jalan Bukit Bintang (until February 2014).

See suggested alternative routes here, and the video on MRT Corp’s Traffic Management Plan for the project here.