What’s in a name? Plenty, if you happen to have one that’s shared by two different entities. Like Rolls-Royce. There’s the plc, the aerospace, power systems and defence company and the world’s second-largest maker of aircraft engines.

Then there’s Rolls-Royce, the one with the motorcars, which is owned by BMW. Nothing too confusing about that, is there? Unfortunately, unless you’re heavy into aviation powerplants or marine propulsion systems, the mention of the R-R name is bound to get you thinking cars.

Which is where we get to the story behind this story. Seems a wire news report about Rolls-Royce – the aerospace one – ran yesterday, about hinting about potential issues than may arise from alleged “malpractice” in Indonesia and China now that it has passed on information related to bribery concerns to Britain’s fraud office.

All good and fine, and still no confusion, because the wire report clearly indicated “aircraft engine maker.” It’s when someone tries to be clever about it that the fun starts – the Straits Times apparently ran a cover photo for the piece online, except that it was a file pix from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Spirit of Ecstasy evident and with a suitable caption to boot.

The photo has since been removed from the report, but it has all been enough to get the APAC comms of RR Motor Cars to issue a short statement clarifying that it’s a case of mistaken identity.

“Rolls-Royce Motor Cars makes super luxury cars and not jet engines. RRMC is a totally separate entity to Rolls-Royce Plc. We can confirm Rolls-Royce is not undergoing a corruption probe.”

Right. That clears it up then, no? It’s Rolls-Royce, and not Rolls-Royce. And in case you’re wondering about the graphic here, the logo on the left is that of RRMC, and the one in blue is of the plc.