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More news from our neighbours – sales of Japanese brands have dominated Indonesia’s automotive market this year, Indonesia’s Antara news agency reported.

Based on Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (Gaikindo) data, Toyota takes the top spot with sales of 370,987 units, followed by Daihatsu (150,183), Mitsubishi (138,778), Suzuki (117,927), Honda (63,203), Nissan (61,549), Isuzu (31,069) and Mazda (11,021).

“Total car sales in the domestic market reached almost one million units from January to November 2012,” said Gaikindo second chairman Jhonny Darmawan. He added that the export market was also Japanese-dominated. “Sales have been predicted to reach one million units and are expected to double in the next five years.”

According to Jhonny, some of the Japanese brands that led in both domestic and export markets were Daihatsu, Toyota and Suzuki. “Those companies have exported their products to countries in Asia, Africa and South America, and have also planned to increase their exports next year.

“Due to the growth of the domestic market, the export of Japanese products has continued to rise over the years. It shows that the quality of locally assembled products here is trusted by the importing countries,” he explained.

Total car exports reached 232,385 units from January to October this year, up 43.3% from the 162,214 units sold during the same period last year.