audi a2 concept

It seems that Audi’s A2 Concept all-electric, which was shown last year in Frankfurt, isn’t going to make it to production. The company had ambitions to put the car into the market sometime in 2015 in both EV and plug-in hybrid guises, but has now apparently pulled the plug on it.

High-ranking company sources told Autocar UK that plans to take the project further had been dropped, but that the lessons gleaned from the four-door design study would make it into future Audi models. With global take-up and demand for EVs significantly smaller than anticipated, it’s probably no surprise that the decision to halt things came about.

The aluminium-framed vehicle showcased plenty of premium materials, novel lighting cues and clever use of space in its 3.80 metre-long body. Equipped with a 114 hp electric motor, the car would have been good for 200 km on a single charge, with a four-hour recharge time needed to get going again.