Here’s a weird one for you: the latest batch of PlayStation 3-trained Nissan GT Academy winners’ bid to enter the real life semi-pro British GT Championship has been refused on the grounds of them being “too fast” for the competition. Say what?

No seriously, the PlayStation generation is getting out of control. Last year, 2011 Nissan GT Academy Jann Mardenborough winner blitzed his fellow grid mates in the British GT Championship’s Pro-Am class driving a Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 to come frighteningly close to winning the overall title, despite his lack of racing experience (in the real world, that is).

The entry was first thought to be nothing more than an extensive publicity exercise by Nissan and Sony to showcase just how accurate Gran Turismo 5 is, by pitting in-game masters in real-life races. “It’s so realistic that if you’re great in the game, you’ll be good outside the virtual world too”, they said. Turns out the videogame and Nissan’s GT Academy programme are an excellent tool to uncover natural driving talent too.

This year, the British GT Championship no longer wants to take the risk of letting these inexperienced drivers outshine and embarrass their grid of gentleman racers, forcing the four new recruits from Nissan’s various GT Academy programmes to find a different platform to showcase their raw speed.

Well now, being told that they’re too fast for their own good must do wonders for their self-confidence. Good thing these kids are now restricted to show off their superiority complex in the virtual world, where the only thing they can hurt is their own over inflated ego.