Good news for hot hatch lovers! Volkswagen Malaysia has just issued an updated price list that pegs the three-door Polo GTI at RM151,888 and the five-door variant at RM154,888. The changes are effective as of April 2013, so no, this is not a post-GE13 price cut.

Here’s a quick recap of the mini GTI’s price fluctuations: the Volkswagen Polo GTI was first launched in August 2011, priced at RM132,888 for the three-door and RM135,888 for the five-door variant before a “re-evaluation of pricing by the authorities” forced Volkswagen Malaysia to issue massive price hikes to RM166,888 and RM169,888 respectively.

The latest price revision will wreak further havoc on the Polo GTI’s used prices (check out the current listings on Most second-hand examples are already valued far more than their initial selling prices, which is unusual to say the least.

Volkswagen’s full model price list is included below. The only other notable change is the absence of a standard RM245,888 Sharan, as only the RM269,888 Tech Spec model is included.