Subaru BRZ and Forester spyshot

It looks like it’s going to be a double Subaru blast from Motor Image in the not-too-distant future. The Subaru BRZ and new fourth-gen Forester have been spotted undergoing evaluation at JPJ Putrajaya – reader Harfizi Abu Hassan sent in this snap of the twinkly twosome together.

Ads for both the BRZ and Forester have of course popped up on, with that for the BRZ listing a RM239,800 price tag, and that for the Forester touting an indicative retail price of RM198,800, as well as pre-owned price of RM178,800 and a pre-launch price of RM189,800. As always with ads, the actual pricing might be different than that stated early on.

The arrival of the Forester comes not too long after its regional launch in Taiwan, back in December. Meanwhile, the introduction of the BRZ is more than well due – we were told back in 2011 that the car would be set for Q2/Q3 2012, and during a first impressions drive in Singapore in April last year this was pushed to Q4. Looks like this is it then.