We now have complete galleries and details on both the European 2014 Toyota Corolla (which will most likely be our ASEAN Corolla Altis next year) and the sportier looking US-specific model. Given a choice, which one would you prefer? We’ve put them side-by-side to help you make your decision.

From the front, the only thing these two models have in common is the Toyota badge. The Euro/ASEAN model on the left takes a more traditional route and is instantly recognisable as a Corolla while the American version is significantly more modern but at the cost of originality and character.

It’s so anonymous and generic in fact, that it could easily be mistaken for a car from a different brand. One of a Korean origin particularly comes to mind. Sleeker, sportier and more fashionable it may be over the white car on the left, yet it’s not what comes to mind when you think of a Corolla, is it?

Most would agree though, that the nameplate is in dire need of an image rebuild and this Corolla re-imagination could well be the change it’s been asking for. Traditionalists however may prefer the bolder look of the ASEAN-bound car with its larger, chromed and more prominent grille.

It’s a similar story round the back. One is a safer take of a modern Corolla; the other a wildly abstract design that puts style over heritage. Is it class or crass? You decide.

Put yourself in the shoes of a typical Toyota Corolla buyer for a minute. Which look would you prefer? Vote in the poll below and drop us a comment with your thoughts!