This white 2014 Toyota Corolla is currently on the losing side in our ASEAN vs US Corolla face-off poll (submit your vote here if you haven’t already). Looks like most of you readers are in favour of the American model’s sleeker and sportier styling, even if doesn’t necessarily look like a Corolla in the most traditional sense.

Perhaps this video will change your mind. It shows the European/ASEAN Corolla from all angles (which is identical to the renderings we showed earlier, if we may say so), plus detailed close-ups of the light clusters, wheels and interior.

You can see the LED DRLs in action here, and the headlamps appear to be xenon units, even if they are of the reflector, not projector type. The US model does one better with full LED headlights, though it does not have a distinctive DRL pattern during the day. A good trade-off?

You’ve studied the hi-res pictures, now it’s time to see the 2014 Toyota Corolla in video form. Enjoy.