These aren’t quite the official pictures of the next-generation Toyota Corolla Altis, but they could have fooled you, couldn’t they? Highly detailed and photo-realistic as they are, these are 3D renderings of the car by Humster3D. Here are the renderings for you to see.

It’s still unclear whether the model is based on leaked or official data, but the last time we featured a rendering by the same source, the W222 Mercedes S-Class digital images turned out to be nigh on identical to the real thing. We could well be looking at the 2013 Toyota Corolla Altis, which is due later this year.

Compared to the leaked spyshots of the production car we published in February, these renderings are accurate down to the smallest details. The front face carries a heavy resemblance to the new Vios, albeit with a lot more flair infused into it. Those are LED DRLs flanking the bold new grille.

The side profile follows that of the Toyota Furia Concept from the 2013 Detroit show, and the rear lights appear simple, yet shapely enough to be universally attractive. It’s a big step forward from the existing Corolla Altis, that’s for sure. So how about it, like what you see here?