Done with the launch of their B-segment Vios, UMW Toyota Motor will now focus on the introduction of their C-segment contender, the Toyota Corolla Altis. The current Corolla Altis on sale has been removed from the Toyota Malaysia website and replaced with an outline of a car with the text ‘coming soon’.

The new generation Toyota Corolla was first unveiled in June 2013. Two different Toyota Corollas were unveiled simultaneously – one is the North American model and another is what at that time Toyota called a ‘Euro’ model, which has gone into production at Toyota’s plant in Turkey.


Left: Global Corolla, Right: US Corolla

None of the ASEAN countries including Thailand have received the Corolla yet, but the ‘Euro’ car has been launched in Taiwan as the Toyota Corolla Altis so it’s most likely the car that we’re going to get. After all, our Camry is also different from the US-market Camry.

The new Toyota Corolla is longer and wider than the current generation car, and it has a full 100 mm longer wheelbase, which should translate into greater interior space. Measuring 2,700 mm, the new Corolla has one of the longest wheelbase lengths in its class, matched by the new Nissan Sylphy and the Elantra/Cerato.


In Turkey, the new Toyota Corolla is available with three different engines – a 1.33 litre Dual-VVT-i unit making 99 hp/128 Nm, a 1.6 litre Valvematic making 132 hp/160 Nm or a 1.4 litre D-4D diesel making 90 hp and 205 Nm of torque. Engines available in other markets include a 122 hp 1.6 Dual-VVT-i, a 132 hp 1.8 Dual-VVT-i and a 140 hp 1.8 Valvematic. No 2.0 litre sighted so far.

The new Corolla is available with various transmissions – a six-speed manual, four-speed auto as well as a CVT transmissions. The four-speed auto is even employed in the US market car. In Malaysia, our current Corolla line-up uses CVT on all models save for the basic 1.6 litre, which uses a four-speeder.

From the images that we’ve seen so far, the Corolla comes with both reflector lens and projector lens headlamp options, similiar to what Toyota did for the Vios, which reserves the projector headlamps for the highest spec models only. We expect UMW Toyota to do the same with the Malaysian Corolla.

Built in daytime running lights mean UMW Toyota doesn’t have to resort to tacky aftermarket-looking daytime running lights positioned low on their ‘stick on’ bodykit bumper bits. There’s already a bodykitted Corolla Altis in Taiwan called the Corolla Altis Z.


The new larger interior is also new, with minor differences between US and Euro cars. The Taiwanese car follows the US car’s interior in terms of digital clock and air cond vent positioning although it follows the Euro car’s exterior.

Since UMW Toyota has already found it necessary to tease the car, it could mean the new car is coming very soon. Could we be looking at a January 2014 launch just in time to capture the Chinese New Year sales period? It does seem a little fast, considering it hasn’t been introduced in any other ASEAN country.

Thanks CW Yoong for the tip!