Toyota Corolla

Now it’s Europe’s turn – following the unveiling of the US-market 2014 Toyota Corolla, its European sibling has surfaced at an event in Istanbul. You’ve seen this very car here before – it’s virtually identical to the 3D renderings and leaked spyshots as early as February.

Reports indicate that right-hand drive versions will enter South Africa and Australia sometime in the first quarter of 2014 – the question is, will the ASEAN market get this particular car?

The new European Corolla differs from the US version in both front and rear treatments – headlamps, grille, front and rear bumper and tail lamps – but otherwise, it’s pretty much the same car, with an identical side profile and dimensions, including the 2.7 metre-long wheelbase.

Toyota Corolla

Here, the bigger front grille’s triple bars intrude into the headlamps, which are wider and stretch further back into the front fenders. The squared-off shape and horizontal lines give the car a much wider stance. All things considered, it’s a comparatively sedate affair; certainly less aggressive-looking than the American model.

We can see elements of the Auto Shanghai-debuting Toyota Yundong Shuangqing II concept (down to the headlamp/grille assembly) here, whereas the American-market car is an evolution of the Corolla Furia concept that premiered in Detroit.

Meanwhile, there are also very minor variations to the interior. The dashboard layout is largely similar to that on the US car, with the same increased space and legroom, although the digital clock position has been moved to the right from dead centre. We also observed some minor differences in trim and the dial face design. Small things, but there nonetheless.

What do you think? Do you prefer this, or the US car?