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It hasn’t been quite a year since Opel officially made its way into the Australian market, and now, the GM-brand has announced that it will cease operations and will commence winding down its network in the country immediately.

Opel Australia opened shop in September last year, with the entering line-up consisting of the Corsa, Astra and Insignia – available models ranged from the three-door Corsa and Astra GTC to the Insignia Sports Tourer.

The company said in a press statement that in order to be competitive, it would need to follow recent competitor price reductions and significantly reposition the price of its core volume models, something that it said isn’t financially viable.

In 2012, the company sold 541 vehicles, with a further 989 units sold this year as of June. The company has a network of 20 dealerships, with a head office team of 15 staff – according to reports, they were informed of the decision today.

The company said that it would ensure all on-going obligations to its customers are met, with the reports adding that warranty and servicing for the 1,500 plus vehicles sold is likely to be carried out by GM stablemate Holden.