Proton did not prepare a sporty concept version of the Proton Suprima S to showcase at its launch like some of its previous cars, like the Proton Preve Sapphire concept, Proton Saga RED concept, or the Proton Exora Prestige and Proton Exora Prime concepts.

To fill in the void, Theophilus Chin has prepared for us some unofficial artist impressions of a ‘Proton Suprima R’ concept, meant to be a thus far imaginary hot hatch version of the Suprima S with a more powerful engine (200 hp maybe?) and a six-speed manual gearbox.

Chin thought the Suprima should look more different than the Preve sedan from the front given the completely different name so he changed the front bumper to a more aggressive version. The bumper is deeper with a bigger air intake, presumably to fulfill the increased cooling needs of a more powerful engine than the 140 PS CamPro Turbo engine currently available with the Suprima S.


The grille surround is now in gloss black, along with the wing mirrors and the strip above the number plate on the rear hatch. This is to give the car some contrast in colour. The side skirts aim to give the car a less slab-sided look, and also lowers the side profile in line with the more aggressive front bumper.

The most obvious change at the back is the bigger rear spoiler, befitting an “R” spec Suprima. It also gets dual exhaust tips, while the Suprima S doesn’t have any visible exhaust tail pipes. The rear bumper design also gets slight revisions.

Finally of course you have the larger wheels and bigger brakes. The wheels should look very familiar, as they are a similar design to the one on the Ford Focus ST.

What do you think of the rendering? Does it make you want a Proton Suprima R?