Yes, that’s right – not only is the Qoros 3 Sedan the safest Chinese car ever made, it’s also achieved the highest overall Euro NCAP score so far this year. The four-door C-segmenter scored a remarkable 95% for adult protection, 87% for child protection, 77% for pedestrians and 81% for safety systems, leading to a smashing (!) overall result of 88%.

The testers say the car’s safety cell “proved to be extremely robust in front-end, side impact and pole impact collisions.” Qoros attributes its first product’s (not bad for a first try, eh?) outstanding safety performance to its body and structure – they direct the impact forces along predefined load paths to be absorbed by large deformation zones.

There are front and side airbags, side head curtain airbags for the front and rear seats, three-point automatic seat belts on all seats and dual belt tensioners for the front passengers. The front seat headrests are designed to reduce the risk of whiplash injuries. Isofix anchorages with top tether hooks and a front passenger airbag disconnect switch are also present.

Safety systems such as ABS, ESP, EBA and Braking Control System are standard fitment, while seat belt reminders exist for all occupants. There’s also a driver-set speed limiting device to help motorists observe speed limits.

A new addition to this year’s Euro NCAP procedure evaluates the vehicle’s compatibility with a wide range of child seats, and the Qoros 3 Sedan proved to be compatible with all of the child seats picked by Euro NCAP. Its pedestrian protection score was attributed to meticulous Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) work.

“The 2013 Euro NCAP protocol demands very accurate computer simulations when calculating the pedestrian protection performance. As industry standard pedestrian models were not sophisticated enough for this purpose, Qoros’ expert safety team developed its own models,” reveals vehicle safety and homologation chief engineer Andy Piper.

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