The third-gen Mazda3 has surfaced for the second time on our sister classifieds site oto.my. This time, it’s the 2.0 SkyActiv sedan. The listing indicates a March 2014 launch, with deliveries to begin shortly after.

An unofficial price of RM135k is stated here. The previous ad for the hatchback, which we featured in August, listed RM153k, which many of us thought was rather a lot. That ad is no longer up, but could that price have been a typo then?

Numbers indicated in that ad include 155 hp at 6,000 rpm, 203 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm, a combined fuel consumption of 6.9 litres per 100 km and a 210 km/h top speed. Transmission is a six-speed auto.


Auto rain-sensing wipers, DRLs, 205/60 R16 tyres and four airbags were amongst the equipment mentioned, but remember, all this isn’t official until the car is launched.

The third-gen Mazda3 is currently on sale in the US and Japan. The US gets 155 hp/203 Nm 2.0 litre (i-Eloop optional as part of package) and 184 hp/250 Nm 2.5 litre (i-Eloop standard) SkyActiv-G engines.

Japan’s Axela gets a 99 hp/150 Nm 1.5 litre SkyActiv-G, a 2.0 litre SkyActiv-G in 118 hp/210 Nm and 163 hp/210 Nm states of tune (the latter with i-Eloop), a 148 hp/380 Nm 2.2 litre twin-turbo SkyActiv-D and a hybrid variant. Europe will mirror Japan’s engines, minus the hybrid.

Click to view the listing: Mazda 3 2.0 SkyActiv on oto.my.