Here’s a first look at the car that government officials will be using as their daily ride in the future – the Proton Perdana Replacement Model based on the previous-generation Honda Accord, and not the current Accord. This black mule was sighted at R&R Gombak by sharp-eyed reader Khai RULE Cultus.

The government fleet story is a lengthy one full of twists and turns. The government currently uses the aging Proton Perdana V6 Executive for the speaker and deputy speaker of the Parliament, judges, members of the administration and selected Grade A civil servants. Selected Grade B and C category civil servants get the Proton Inspira.

With Proton concentrating on more affordable segments, there has been no focus on producing a D-segment car, and most would agree rightfully so, considering the lower sales volume involved, as well as the positioning of the Proton brand.


Over the years, there have been many candidates for a donor car to be badge-engineered as a Proton Perdana replacement – we’ve had rumours of the Mitsubishi 380, Nissan Fuga a.k.a. Infiniti M, and most recently the Honda Accord.

We first heard news of Proton using the Honda Accord chassis for the new Perdana in April this year, a follow up to an agreement between Honda and Proton to study the matter in October 2012. But then perhaps the government got fed up of waiting – it was announced in August this year that the Perdana Executive and Inspira will be replaced by the Honda Accord 2.4 and 2.0 respectively.

Then there was a sudden about-turn in October, when MITI deputy minister Datuk Hamim Samuri revealed in the Parliament that Proton had developed a replacement for the Perdana based on a Honda chassis, and that government officials had already inspected the car and decided to use it instead of the Accord.


This Proton-badged Accord has very minimal disguise, and still looks largely like a Honda Accord. The grille is covered up, which suggests that Proton has its own take on the car’s nose. The alloy wheels on this car look similar to those on the Proton Exora Prime.

Inside, there are minimal changes, with the Honda badge on the steering wheel simply replaced by a Proton badge. Visible cues such as paddle shifters and VSA switch means that the donor form is the 2.4 VTi-L variant. We also see some kind of ballast in the rear to simulate rear occupant load weight balance – in tandem with wired sensors on the air-conditioning vents, the car is likely undergoing AC evaluation trials under load. Also, the stock redline on the tachometer infers no change in engine, and should put rumours of the Petronas E01e engine being under that hood to rest.

The previous-gen Honda Accord took part in our D-segment shootout with the Camry and Teana – click here to find out how it fared. Will the “Accordana” (or if you prefer, “Percord”) be similar in the driving department, or will Proton infuse its much-touted ride and handling qualities into the package?