Citroen has teased a new DS 5LS sedan that will be revealed on December 19. The model is reportedly meant for China only – or at least for now. It could go on sale in the Middle Kingdom sometime next year.

Apart from these teaser photos, which show a striking alloy wheel design as well as angular headlamps with intruding grille bars and tail lamps inspired by the DS Wild Rubis Concept, we have little to go by.

For a start, we don’t know for sure if the Citroen DS 5LS sedan takes the DS4 or DS5 as its base (2,612 and 2,727 mm wheelbases respectively), but having a sedan boot should yield more luggage space either way.

Another DS model destined for China, also next year, is the DS X7 – the road-going version of the DS Wild Rubis Concept. As Changan-PSA already builds the DS5 (which was recently declared the first-ever China Design Car of the Year), it’s reasonable to assume it’ll build the DS X7 and DS 5LS too.