tweckbot 039

Perodua’s social media-based Tweckbot is back for the fourth year to offer customers free 50-point vehicle safety checks during the upcoming Ramadan and Raya season. Four Tweckbot teams will be mobilised over a 14-day period throughout West Malaysia to assist customers in making sure that their vehicles are roadworthy and safe for long distance travel.

“We will alert our customers on the location of our Tweckbot team on Twitter, Facebook, Perodua’s website and via advertisements on traditional media so that they can take advantage of this offer,” Perodua president and CEO, Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh said.

Beginning from June 3, the Tweckbot team will be giving free inspections, which includes checks on the engine, coolant system (coolant level as well as fan and temperature), brake system (fluid and brake pad wear), power steering system, clutch system, tyres, suspension system and electrical system (battery, lights and wiper checks), among other things.

After the check, customers who send their vehicles to authorised Perodua service centres will be entitled to a 20% discount on parts and accessories.