bmw-active-safety-showcase 099

BMW Group Malaysia is hosting a roadshow from now till October 12 at the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. The BMW Active Safety Showcase event seeks to highlight BMW Motorrad models and the safety features they come with.

“We at BMW believe that safety and responsibility on the road is very much essential to the experience of Sheer Driving Pleasure and we have worked continuously to develop innovative solutions and new ideas to further enhance road safety which has been firmly anchored within our corporate strategy,” said Sashi Ambi, head of corporate communications.

The event served to highlight the company’s safety principle – dubbed ‘BMW Safety 360°’. The approach is focused on the aspect of motorcycle safety and is broken down into three facets, safety technology in the vehicle itself, safety from rider equipment and safety from adequate rider training.

Members of the media were treated to an ABS demonstration, courtesy of BMW Motorrad works rider Glenn Allerton, in order to see for ourselves just how important this particular system is. Approaching a wet patch of tarmac at relatively high speed, Glenn was able to fully yank the brake lever and come to a stop uneventfully.

Further demos of various on-board systems were also provided. With the same damp surface, the BMW HP4’s traction control system was able to cut power despite Glenn twisting the throttle wide open – decreasing the chance of sudden acceleration on a slippery surface.

The ABS system fitted to the BMW HP4 is touted as the lightest and most intelligent anti-lock braking system available on motorcycles on sale today. No surprise considering that BMW Motorrad were the first to mass produce motorcycles with ABS and was again the first to offer it as standard across the range in 2013.

“European Union Law, for example, mandates all newly registered motorcycles to be fitted with ABS by 2016, and this should be a clear direction for motorcycle manufacturers as well as legislative authorities to make ABS technology a safety standard,” adds Sashi.

For those interested in getting up close with the BMW two-wheelers, the exhibition is located at Level LG2, Blue Concourse at Sunway Pyramid, happening over the weekend. Rider equipment and BMW merchandise are also on offer.