Honda Malaysia has introduced its new range of genuine engine oils. The oils, which come in new packaging, are approved by Honda Research and Development, and meet the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) latest specification standards.

The oils provide protection and enhance engine smoothness, resulting in better fuel efficiency without compromising on performance, Honda says. The current and upgraded genuine engine oils are shown below (SN is API’s latest engine oil standard):


The oils are suitable for all Hondas, but SN 0W-30 is recommended for the Civic Type R and Accord V6.

Also announced is the implementation of a bulk system for the SN 0W-20 engine oil, which will be expanded to authorised Honda dealers nationwide. Instead of being sold by the can, the oil is dispensed from a tank and sold by actual usage. Besides reducing wastage and container disposal, this also ensures volume accuracy.

Honda Malaysia is also aiming to increase the number of authorised dealers to 90 by next year, with dealers in every major town nationwide.