VW Child Safety

At yesterday night’s Volkswagen Das Event, Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM) launched a social responsibility campaign advocating child safety, both in cars and on the road. The company announced its co-operation with the Association of Registered Childcare Providers Malaysia (ARCPM) or Persatuan Pengasuh Berdaftar Malaysia (PPBM) to initiate a national awareness campaign on child safety.

Together, they will roll out a child safety training module across 280 childcare centres nationwide. Child Passenger Safety trainers from PPBM’s network will train other operators of childcare centres to educate approximately 28,000 parents on the importance of using proper child car seats to curb injuries and losses.

“As a responsible automaker, we believe it is of utmost importance to educate people about the seriousness of this issue and help them take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of their children. We want to address the growing road mishaps involving children, and we are going beyond providing innovative safety features in our cars and embarking on our first national initiative on child safety,” said Armin Keller, MD of VGM.

child car seat isaac

“This training will also empower and facilitate the childcare centre personnel’s role in creating safety consciousness and uphold child protection,” he added.

Training aside, VGM will also donate 200 Volkswagen child safety seats to PPBM to further support the cause. Child seats are an effective and proven way to minimise injuries and deaths among kids aged between one and four years, and all the way up to eight years old. It secures the child and distributes the force of impact. This protects the child’s neck and spine should an accident occur.

According to the Road Safety Annual Report 2013 commisioned by International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (IRTAD), Malaysian roads are among the most dangerous in the world with 23.8 accident deaths in a 100,000 population. Children are of course not spared from this statistic.

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