INFINITI CONCEPT Vision Gran Turismo

Another month, another Vision Gran Turismo concept – the series of virtual flights of fancy on the Gran Turismo 6 racing game has grown one more, in the shape of the Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo.

The latest VGT concept was born from Infiniti’s internal competition to “design a pure Infiniti GT car,” which was won by the newly-established Infiniti Design team in Beijing. The result is a long, wide, impossibly low-slung coupé that the company calls “part beauty, part beast.”

It’s a striking product – all the usual Infiniti design cues are present, including the grille, the almond-shaped head- and tail lights, the strong haunches and the crescent-shaped C-pillar kink, but here they have been amplified, exaggerating the sense of drama. These are joined by underfloor airflow control, front and rear diffusers and a prominent rear spoiler to boost aerodynamic efficiency without compromising on aesthetics.

INFINITI CONCEPT Vision Gran Turismo

Under the skin, the (imaginary) front-midship powertrain and rear transaxle layout achieves a 45:55 weight distribution front-to-rear, which Infiniti says “fills users with the joy of driving by actively drifting the rear,” whatever that means. The company adds that it conducted thorough examinations and calculations of technical details such as aerodynamics and engine performance to ensure its capability in the game.

Players are able to try out the Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo in GT6 right now by installing a software update. The car joins a host of other VGT concepts, including those from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota and Chevrolet.