Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) CEO Mohamad Madani Sahari has announced that there are plans underway to introduce Euro 5 diesel fuel in other states outside of Johor. Currently, BHPetrol has 11 stations that offer the high-quality diesel fuel in Johor, while Petronas has one, according to Madani.

Selangor and Kelantan were among the states mentioned to be next in line, though no timeline has been given for the roll out programme as of yet. In Johor, Euro 5 diesel carries a 10 sen price premium over the standard Euro 2M diesel, which is now sold at RM1.93.

Back in November 2014, Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed revealed the updated timeline for the introduction of upgraded fuels in Malaysia: Euro 4 RON 97 in September 2015, Euro 4 RON 95 in October 2018, Euro 5 diesel in September 2020, Euro 5 RON 95 and RON 97 in September 2025.

Shortly after, it was announced that oil companies can start selling such fuels earlier than the gazetted dates – just as what BHPetrol (and now Petronas) has done with Euro 5 diesel in Johor, six years ahead of schedule.