Subaru WRX STI 44

Motor Image Malaysia has released its post-GST price list for its lineup of Subaru models. A closer look at the revised list will reveal the absence of the Legacy model which has been sold out – Motor Image has confirmed that there are no plans to restock units of the Legacy.

Note that the prices listed here do NOT factor in road tax figures, insurance and hire purchase claim fee(s). The range now starts of at RM108,120 for the Subaru XV Premium – a drop of RM230 from the original figure of RM108,350. Subaru’s halo performance car, the WRX STI, is now priced at RM267,120.

Subaru GST pricelist copy brz

Perhaps the biggest decline can be seen in the updated price for the Subaru BRZ – a new tag of RM227,900 indicates a saving of RM12,300 (a 5.12% reduction) for the rear-wheel driven sports coupe.