The Vision Gran Turismo project is certainly taking things beyond the virtual realm – the series has spawned a number of imaginative vehicular shapes for Sony’s Gran Turismo 6 game, and you’d think that would be all in terms of such conjured imagery.

Some automakers don’t think so – Renault came up with a full-scale version of its Alpine Vision Gran Turismo some time back, and now Infiniti has joined the make-it-real bandwagon with a “flesh and bones” version of its Infiniti Vision Gran Turismo concept it came up with for the Playstation game.

The full-scale vehicle made its debut at the inaugural Infiniti Design Night ahead of Auto Shanghai 2015 – the event also presented the Q80 Inspiration and Q60 Concept as part of the event showcase. The virtual concept car – designed by the automaker’s Beijing design team – is undoubtedly striking, and the dramatic scope looks even more amplified following its transition into the real world in full-scale form.

The Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo is of course available for download in GT6 alongside offerings such as the MINI Clubman Vision GT, Mazda LM55 Vision GT, Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision GT, Toyota FT-1 Vision GT and Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT.