alpine vision gt fullsize replica 01

Next to join the Vision Gran Turismo project in Gran Turismo 6 is the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo – the car will be made available for gamers in March as part of a free update of the PlayStation 3 racing game. The project has seen a host of wild designs from Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti and Chevrolet.

The virtual Alpine – which bridges the gap between the Alpine A450 race car and the 21st Century Berlinette – features a carbon monocoque chassis and is powered by a mid-rear mounted 4.5 litre V8 offering 450 hp and 580 Nm driving the rear wheels via a seven-speed sequential gearbox. Top speed is a claimed 320 km/h.

The 900 kg barquette-type vehicle’s exterior displays elements that pay homage to the classic Alpines from the ’60s – the front end bears a striking resemblance to the A110, and the long lateral rear fins call to mind the A210s and A220s which shone so brilliantly at Le Mans.

alpine vision gt 02

For the game, the car will be available in three liveries – there’s a white and blue colour scheme, an orange and blue combination (inspired by the Alpine A450, a two-time European Endurance Champion) as well as matte black.

Incidentally, the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo can be seen beyond the confines of the digital domain – the company has actually come up with a full-scale version of the car. The exterior form is shaped through a double composite shell, with significant work also being incorporated into areas that are visible, such as the suspension and cockpit.

The full-scale model of the Alpine VGT made its debut at the Festival Automobile International in Paris earlier this week, and will remain on display until the end of next week.