Audi announced a new SUV offensive at their recent Annual General Meeting. The Audi Q1 will be launched in 2016, the Q8 in 2019, and a new yet to be named sporty SUV with electric drive will come in 2018.

The Audi Q1 comes as now surprise to us as we previously sighted a rather odd-looking Volkswagen Tiguan mule with a narrower track than usual which our European spy photo agency told us was most likely the Audi Q1. Its name explains its positioning – it will be smaller than the C-segment Golf-based Audi Q3, so we’re looking at the B-segment for the Q1 – about the size of a Renault Captur.

audi q1 concept  sketch

As for the Audi Q8, the announcement doesn’t quite say what it is, but since there has been word in the past that the Q8 would be more coupe-like than the Audi Q7, we’re probably looking at a new X6/GLE Coupe competitor from Ingolstadt instead of an X7/GLS competitor.

The nameless electric SUV sounds very interesting – it will essentially go against the Tesla Model X. Audi currently has only one pure electric car in its stables – the Audi R8 e-tron, which will go on sale this year. The R8 e-tron uses a 92 kWh battery and two electric motors with at total output of 456 horsepower, giving the car a 100 km/h dash time of 3.9 seconds and a range of 450 km.