Mercedes-Benz A 250 Urban Hunting 3

Spotted around the Telawi area in Bangsar was this Mercedes-Benz A 250 Sport – one that stood out against the stark urban surroundings with brightly-coloured artwork enveloping the exterior. Designed by Malaysian artist Orkibal, the art car is currently on tour around the Klang Valley as part of a Mercedes-Benz Malaysia social media campaign.

The full-body wrap – unveiled at a roadshow at The Curve last weekend – features a smattering of monsters, animals and some intricate geometric detailing, which appears to have been drawn on using a Sharpie marker. A sprinkling of spray-painted graffiti make up the finishing touches on this visual explosion.

Viewed as a whole, it’s quite overwhelming and there’s a lot to take in, something not helped by the busy black-and-grey background. Still, this writer does think that there are certain parts of the artwork that really pop on closer instruction, something the less artistically-inclined members of the team seem to disagree.

Coincidentally, this week also sees the debut of Mercedes’ official art car, a CLA Street Style car that features graffiti produced by German rapper CRO. Like the Malaysian car, this outlandish freestyle-painted machine is also on tour, this time around Germany.