Mercedes CLA by CRO-03

You should be pretty familiar with BMW’s Art Cars by now, but here’s one from rival Mercedes-Benz. The premium carmaker has teamed up with German rapper CRO to create this CLA Street Style car, which stands out with a coat of graffiti.

Billed as an “imaginative” and “expressive” example of street art, the compact four-door coupe was painted by CRO freestyle with aerosol paint cans, paint pens and traditional paint. “I paint and draw almost always, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Nothing is safe from me and, indeed, not a Mercedes-Benz,” the man himself said.

CRO, real name Carlo Waibel, is a rapper, singer, producer and designer under his clothing label Vio Vio. Also famous for hiding behind a panda mask, the 25-year old calls his music raop, a mixture of pop and rap. Both rapper and carmaker share the same hometown, Stuttgart. The above info is gleaned from Wikipedia, as this writer is way too unhip to have heard of CRO. I do however, know a little bit about the CLA, and you can read our review here.

The one-off Mercedes-Benz CLA Street Style car will go on tour across Germany along with normal-skinned compact siblings A-Class, B-Class, GLA and CLA Shooting Brake before eventually being sold. So, a work of art or a waste of a car?