Turns out Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd‘s (KTMB) East Coast Line services won’t resume before Hari Raya as initially reported; the date is in fact February 2016, Bernama reports, quoting KTMB president Sarbini Tijan.

“The works started on May 11, but within a month or so, most of the badly-damaged lines, like from Kemubu to Manek Urai, are passable. Right now, only the 1.5 km route between Manek Urai and Kuala Krai remains, while the collapsed bridge in Kemubu is undergoing repairs,” Sarbini said, adding that line repairs are running smoothly and progressing a lot faster than scheduled.

“The repair works are expected to be completed by Chinese New Year (February 2016) and when completed, train services in Kelantan, from Gua Musang to Tumpat stations, will fully resume. Gua Musang station will become a transit point and KTMB will help to provide bus or taxi services for passengers to continue their journey,” he said, adding that rail services in Kelantan will commence in stages – the first phase will begin July 10, for the Gemas-Gua Musang and Kemubu-Bukit Abu routes.

Nicknamed the ‘Jungle Railway’ because of its scenic route through the dense interior, KTMB’s East Coast Line has been out of action for some time due to the floods earlier in the year. The line joins the West Coast Line (Padang Besar-Woodlands) at Gemas, Negeri Sembilan.