We’ve gone over this a million times now. Should the need for speed arise, a circuit is always there for you to scratch that itch. Never, ever attempt to drive above and beyond your limits just because the road happens to be clearer that day and/or no one is around – there are still plenty of obstacles to wrap your car around.

This man learned the hard way. Earlier this morning, a Ferrari 458 Speciale, said to be one of the most expensive cars in the state, met its untimely end when said owner totalled the car into a drainage railing along Jalan Tabuan Court in Kuching. It is believed that the accident occurred between 10 to 11 am.

Traffic, in true Malaysian fashion, slowed to a standstill as onlookers clambered to photograph the mangled Italian stallion – which is now believed to have been owned by the son of a prominent property tycoon in Sarawak, Malaysia. Thankfully, the driver escaped without any injuries – except for maybe a bruised ego.