Supercar maker Koenigsegg is toying around with the idea of building affordable passenger cars for the mass market, either through a sub-brand or a collaboration with other automakers. The Koenigsegg emblem however, will be reserved exclusively for its supercars only.

Christian von Koenigsegg, the main man behind the brand, told Car Throttle that with the technology already available on Koenigsegg models, there was ‘room’ to explore in this area.

“Within our company there could be room to start utilising all the technological developments we have created, and trickle them down into more normal cars,” suggested Koenigsegg. The founder of the brand has further indicated that hybrids could be a focal point of Koenigsegg’s passenger vehicles of the future.

Despite not being a fan of hybrids, Koenigsegg has resigned to the fact that the market at large was driven by the strong demand for it and has further revealed his plans to improve on the said technology.

“Now that we’re integrating electrical motors and battery technology to our cars, I think where the biggest opportunity is, is in still developing the combustion engine, but also getting the batteries much lighter, more efficient and more powerful,” he said.

The Koenigsegg Regera is the company’s first foray into the world of hybrid supercars. The 5.0 litre V8 twin-turbo, which makes an already tremendous 1,100 hp and 1,250 Nm of torque, can be boosted further by three electric motors for full face-tearing effect, granting it over 1,500 hp and 2,000 Nm. The Regera can also run in full electric mode.