Renault Clio RS 200 EDC Sirius Yellow 1

The Renault Clio RS 200 EDC caters to a certain type of crowd – one that eschews the old-fashioned obsession with mechanical engagement (as its rivals, the Ford Fiesta ST and Peugeot 208 GTi, subscribe to), and wholeheartedly embraces technology (what with its six-speed dual-clutch transmission) in the pursuit of the fastest lap time. But until now there was one niche that the new-age Gallic hot hatch has avoided – and it was those who liked yellow.

For as long as the Clio RS has been on sale in Malaysia, the only noteworthy hue the 200 hp/240 Nm pocket rocket has been offered in is Flame Red; elsewhere it’s just white, silver or black. The striking Liquid Yellow offered in other markets was conspicuously missing here.

But at the Renault roadshow at Bangsar Shopping Centre (where official distributor TC Euro Cars also previewed the Captur B-segment crossover), we spotted a bright yellow Clio RS – to us, that meant that the lemony (or banana-y, depending on your choice of fruit) shade was finally available officially.

Renault Clio RS 200 EDC Sirius Yellow 38

It turns out that’s not exactly the case – sources at TC Euro Cars confirmed to that the car was custom-painted in a slightly different colour (Sirius Yellow, the same colour as on older RS Renaults) specifically for the roadshow, and it was not the case of Liquid Yellow being added to the local colour palette.

Don’t fret, however – the same sources told us that they’d be happy to expedite the process of repainting the Clio in the same shade if customers ask for it. So, those of you who insist on a Clio RS 200 and can’t stand being wallflowers, you may now step this way – although you’d have to pay RM7,000 over the RM166,888 list price for the privilege.