Mini Connected App 2015 Sports Instrument

The MINI Connected app, around for about half a decade now, has just been given a major revamp. The smartphone app is now simplified to focus on driver necessities only.

New is the MINI Streetwise function – a new GPS application that shows drivers the best route based on personal driving data. If you’ve been to a place before and you’re planning on going again, the app analyses your previous to and fro, ensures whether it’s the most appropriate route or alternatively identifies other routes to take, taking into account the travel duration and even total fuel consumed.

The Sports Instruments app displays detailed vehicle data, which includes rev speed, torque, engine temperature and current engine output. If one needs live g force readings, the Force Meter app will do the trick – it displays longitudinal and lateral acceleration of vehicle. Wow.

Under Status, you can now check your vehicle’s location, fuel level, travel range plus the last journey that you made. Meanwhile, Profile turns the vehicle into a social media tool – drivers can upload pictures, enter a name and see their personal driving statistics.

Online Search allows one to search for places, which is then transmitted to the on-board MINI navigation system. Your appointments and to-do-list can be accessed in Calendar. Have apps on your smartphone that are compatible with the MINI? They will now be listed under Apps.

One can get the new MINI Connected app starting mid-August on iTunes or the Google Play store.