A car as handsome as the new Renault Talisman has been a long time coming for the French brand. The big flagship sedan (a wagon is also available) features Renault’s latest design language also seen on the new Megane IV, and in the video above, the raison d’être behind the Talisman’s design is detailed by Renault’s design chief Laurens Van den Acker.

He says that a key source of inspiration for the 4.85m Talisman was the work done on the volumes and proportions of the car. The design strategy was to ensure that it was more “human-centric” – he describes the sedan as having shoulders, and a face with a lot more chrome alongside precisely sculpted sills.

With the main focus being Renault’s lozenge logo, the taut lines on the bonnet flows fluidly to give it more prominence. Also, the Talisman employs what Renault calls Light Guide Panel technology in the front and rear lights. They point to the diamond-shaped logo while highlighting the car’s width.

Inside, the ex-Mazda designer elaborates that the three strata dashboard was intentionally divided to give it a “Zen-like” feel. Expect to find quality finishing as well as a foam padded dashboard and full Nappa leather upholstery, with a decluttered centre console to put the driver at ease when in the car.

“It’s not an interior cluttered with switches, all the information is clearly grouped on this centre console, on this magical 8.7-inch vertical touchscreen and the TFT display behind the wheel to provide you with all the information you need at the right time in a very safe and simple manner,” Van den Acker explains.

The Talisman’s ventilated seats is another highlight – it’s soft in the middle and harder at the edges. The chairs even have a massage function that can be switched on when the “Multi-Sense Comfort” setting has been selected. So far, the Laguna and Latitude replacement is looking like one heck of a desirable car.

Renault Talisman Sedan

Renault Talisman Estate