Now, let’s be honest, the Tesla Model S is a seriously impressive car. From the technological wizardry in its advanced electronics to the performance on offer; it even scored 103 out 100 from the US-based Consumer Reports publication recently, which prompted an outcry from certain quarters.

So, it seems like one just can’t go wrong with a Tesla Model S then. But how about its styling? Well, the folks at Mansory have come up with something pretty special here. At first glance, the green accents on the outside and on the inside are supposed to highlight the car’s ‘ecologically responsible’ nature.

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They have also added an aerodynamic package for the vehicle that consists of a newly designed front apron with integrated LED daytime running lights, side skirts, a rear spoiler and a rear apron with diffuser insert. Entrance panels with an illuminated logo, a sports steering wheel and aluminium pedals round off the refinements on the inside.

Exclusive 22-inch alloy wheels with the ‘M10’ designation for the Model S provide the final touch. Mansory claims that acceleration, stopping distances and the energy consumption of the vehicle are all improved due to weight reduction from the carbon parts. So, what do you think of this Mansory tweaked Tesla Model S?

Standard Tesla Model S