Holden HSV Gen-F2 GTS-03

Just a week ago, GM’s Australian brand Holden announced its latest VFII range of Commodores. Now, its performance partner Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) has just unveiled its new line of muscle cars, labelled the Gen-F2 which succeeds the current Gen-F range.

A new supercharged 6.2 litre LSA Generation IV V8 alloy engine is applied across the board namely in the ClubSport R8 LSA, ClubSport R8 Tourer LSA and the Maloo R8 LSA and Senator Signature variants – all come with 536 hp and 671 Nm. The 455 hp 6.2 litre LS3 V8 will remain in the Grange model and also the entry-level Clubsport R8 and Maloo R8 variants both to be launched in early 2016.

All LSA models also receive revised suspensions – stiffened springs and damper rates that the company claims reduces body-roll and improved corner entry response, which in short means better handling all around. Transmission options include a six-speed manual that comes exclusively with Launch Control and a six-speed heavy duty automatic transmission.

Exterior-wise, the styling updates applied across the LSA range consists of redesigned bumpers in the front and back alongside newly fashioned side skirts and a ventilated hood. As for the Maloo ute, ClubSport and top-of-the-range GTS variants, they get 20-inch alloy wheels, the latter in a Hyperdark stainless steel.

The top-range GTS however receives significantly more power than the rest. With its supercharged 6.2 litre LSA engine, it makes 576 hp and a total of 740 Nm of torque.

Adding to that, the Gen-F2 GTS also features torque vectoring and a Generation 3 Magnetic Ride Control (MRC) in which drivers can choose from three independent settings ranging from ‘Touring,’ ‘Sport’ and ‘Track’.

Depending on the variants, one can expect to find assistance tech as standard, this includes blind spot detection and reverse traffic alert, heads-up display, automatic park assist, forward collision alert and lane departure warning. Extra options include an informative touchscreen display called Enhanced Driver Interface, adjustable eight-way HSV leather performance seats and a temporary spare wheel.

Prices start from AUD $80,990 (RM247,450) for the ClubSport R8 LSA manual, while the Tourer LSA is priced at AUD $85,990 (RM262,726). As for the Maloo R8 LSA, it goes for AUD $76,990 (RM235,228). The sole Senator Signature variant is tagged at AUD $92,990 (RM284,481), while the Grange costs AUD $86,990 (RM266,126). For the HSV GTS, it comes in pricier at AUD $95,990 (RM293,444).