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In light of the recent troubles that Volkswagen is experiencing in the US right now with its diesel power plants, it’s probably timely that we start discussing about Mercedes’ plans to move away from its diesel-powered vehicles.

According to Autoblog, a product planner from Mercedes-Benz recently spoke to the publication about the gradual phasing out of diesel-powered engines, and the electrified hybrids that will soon take its place. “Yes, diesel is technically complex, and very expensive. The additives to reduce particulate matter are very costly. You’ll see more hybrids to meet the changing regulations,” the source said.

As we reported earlier, by 2020, Mercedes-AMG vehicles will be embracing hybrid power in a big way, and the main reason for this is the increasing pressure to reduce CO2 outputs, in regions like the EU and US, for example. But of course, that scenario was all about hybridisation for performance; while in this case, it’s hybridisation in pure economical terms.

Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if the company decides to phase out these diesel power plants with a setup akin to its current E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid in the future.

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Moving on, the product planner also told the publication that the company is already working on an “active chassis” for the next-generation GLE that could be at least five to six years away from now. The current GLE range does have ‘Agility Control’ steel suspension as standard, while a retuned Airmatic suspension with ADS variable damping is also available as an option, coming standard on the GLE 500.

Even a roll-stabilising Active Curve System is offered on the GLE 350 d onwards, so it’s intriguing what Mercedes-Benz could come up with that could trump these offerings in their evolution of the GLE. Could it be something like the Magic Body Control that is available on the S-Class models?

Interestingly, the publication’s source also reveals that an all-new compact crossover will be built on the GLA platform that is currently utilised by the A-Class, B-Class, and CLA-Class models. Looks like the GLA is too small for America?

So, there you have it, a whole slew of speculative information about Mercedes-Benz and their future plans, we’ll just have to wait and see if any of these prediction come to fruition.

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