BMW 5 Series Touring Spy-09

Here it is again, the next-generation BMW 5 Series on test well ahead of its expected debut late next year. This time it’s the 5 Series Touring, putting in some laps at the Nurburgring.

The next-gen 5er wagon seems to have shed no more swirly stickers compared to the previous on-road sighting, and is wearing the same set of multi-spoke wheels and white exterior paint. However, our carparazzi has managed to point his lens near enough for a glimpse into the upcoming 5 Series’ cabin.

Plenty of covered sections, but even so the cabin is clearly a BMW’s. Munich’s usual widescreen central display is present on top of the centre stack, which is mildly angled towards the driver. The steering, with its leather stitched boss, is from the latest G11 BMW 7 Series; but there’s a small panel jutting out from below the boss not seen on the 7, which could probably be a driver assist system indicator.

The gear lever and iDrive controller are from the new limo, and the instrument panel could be the same digital unit that debut on the G11. The dashboard isn’t a facsimile though; the central air vent design differs from the Seven’s (no hot/cold air mixer seen here too) and trim is less opulent on this test mule (buttons are standard black instead of silver, for instance).

The next-gen 5 Series will share the same OKL (oberklasse, or luxury class) platform as its bigger sibling. The structure uses a combination of aluminium, hot-formed high-strength steel and composite carbonfibre parts to add rigidity while reducing weight.

A range of four- and six-cylinder engines will be available, but BMW is reported to be considering a three-pot in the 5 Series for the first time, pending market acceptance for such a combo. There should be a plug-in hybrid variant, too.

Next-gen BMW 5 Series saloon