Taxi Drivers Protest Against GrabCar 6

The drama goes on. Blatantly ignoring the Land Public Transport Commission’s (SPAD) advise, thousands of taxi drivers will stage a protest in Kuala Lumpur come November 18. The protest is expected to congregate in droves at three locations, namely, Padang Merbok, the KL Mosque and the Craft Complex nearby Jalan Conlay at 10am, The Star reports.

All three groups will march through KL and come together at a “secret location,” which according to Kamarudin Mohd Husain, deputy chairman of the Malaysian Taxi Drivers Transformation Association (PERS1M), will only be revealed on the day itself. No permit has been obtained for the protest as of yet.

“We don’t want to go against the government. What we will do on November 18 is get the government’s attention,” Kamarudin said. The other objective of the protest it seems, is to gather in numbers with the aim of getting SPAD chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar to resign, according to the deputy. He added that he expected over 6,000 taxi drivers to show up for the protest.

Taxi Drivers Protest Against GrabCar 1

“We don’t want SPAD to be dissolved, but the trust given to Syed Hamid Albar has been wasted,” Kamarudin asserted. He claimed that because SPAD had allowed apps such as Uber and GrabCar, the commission had not done its part to take care of the taxi industry in Malaysia.

Groups have been trying to disrupt Uber and GrabCar for some time now. Recent events include calling on the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak himself to ban such apps, to ambushing a GrabCar driver and making rogue arrests of both Uber and GrabCar drivers around KLCC.

That said, one taxi driver has come out to say that he was not affected by the apps, but actions by SPAD and Puspakom instead. So guys, what are your thoughts on this matter?