A new (and much welcomed) smartphone app has been created by the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government (KPKT). Named CaknaKPKT, the Android-only app allows the public to file complaints to the local authorities through their mobile phones.

Interestingly, complaints that can be made include damaged roads, faulty traffic lights, parking lots (which also comes under construction) and signboards, so it’s undoubtedly designed for motorists as well. Such a system was first announced by the Works ministry in 2014.

To elaborate, this means that if you see potholes on the road or a malfunctioning traffic light for that matter, you can snap a picture, fill in a simple description of the complaint and send it out instantly. The app utilises the smartphone’s GPS, so that means the precise location of the complaint can be pinpointed.


According to the ministry, in addition to providing the public with a user-friendly channel to file complaints, it states that monitoring and complaint management is more effective through a single, easily-accessible system. The complaints are monitored by the relevant local authorities and government departments.

The app, which is currently in Bahasa Malaysia, will require some registration before it can be used. And as mentioned, it’s exclusively for Android users. So far, reviews of the app on the Google Play store have been positive.

So folks, what do you think of this app? Let us know in the comments section.