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Volkswagen Malaysia recently concluded their After Sales Training on December 29, where 15 technicians were certified Master Technicians and 22 others as Diagnostic Competence Technicians. The training programme – which contains non-technical, technical and parts modules – is based on a syllabus from Germany to ensure standardised training world-wide.

The Master Technician course requires two and a half years to complete, while the Diagnostic Competence course takes two years. The Master course puts trainees through rigorous practical and theoretical assessments and Diagnostics trains technicians in diagnosing and resolving electrical and other faults.

According to Armin Keller, managing director of Volkswagen Group Malaysia, “Our customers are our top priority and investing on the right people, training and infrastructure is one of the ways we can strive to improve our offerings and improve the overall ownership experience.” The group intends to qualify a minimum of one technician per dealership in Malaysia.