The Petaling Jaya one-way loop will be completed in August this year, according to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ). At this moment in time, the first phase of the loop is 95% completed, while 80% of the second phase has been completed, The Malay Mail reports. Meanwhile, motorists and pedestrians will have to cope with the conditions of the roads and sidewalks until then.

The third phase will have covered walkways built in Jalan Selangor and sections of Jalan Utara. Petaling Jaya City Council public relations officer, Zainun Zakaria noted that the council was optimistic that the entire project would be finished by the end of August.

Since the project began in October 2014, the council has received scores of complaints regarding the poor condition of the roads, sidewalks and the confusion that the loop is causing.

In relation to the poor road conditions, over the past year, Ismail said that eight stop-work orders have since been issued to contractors who did not perform road repairs properly. That said, the construction needed to be carried out nonetheless as the council wanted to complete the project as soon as possible.

PJ Traffic Jam

A new system has been implemented where patrols will be conducted every two days, to look out for any potholes, according to Ismail Shafie, engineering department director of MBPJ. He noted that traffic congestion could not be avoided due to the project.

Illegally parked vehicles are also partly responsible for the traffic congestion.“There are many buses and cars parked illegally along the stretch of these projects that are also contributing to the traffic problem,” Ismail said.

To assist pedestrians, the council will create temporary walkways along paths currently under construction. “There are six pedestrian crossings at traffic lights and three pedestrian bridges that can be used to cross the road,” Ismail said, adding that temporary lights are also in place as well.