Ice Wheelie record 3

Almost everyone calls bikers mad, and sometimes for good reason. Hailing from Wisconsin, US, Cecil “Bubba” Myers is attempting to break the world record for the fastest wheelie, on ice. Myers is poised to make his attempt on a 200 hp Kawasaki H2 after several practice runs in late January on Lake Koshkonong, near Fort Atkinson in Wisconsin, where he recorded speeds of between 218 to 225 km/h.

The previous ice wheelie record, set by Myers’ compatriot Robert Gull, is 206.9 km/h. “That was just a practice day, but it went phenomenally well,” Myers said.

Myers is assisted by Ryan Suchanek, the original holder of the ice wheelie record. The Kawasaki H2 that he is riding is fitted with studded ice tyres, to increase traction on the slippery surface. During the attempt, the bike will be wheelied between two timing beams, set-up 100 metres apart. The motorcycle’s speed as it trips the beams is recorded, and an average speed reading is taken.

His biggest concern, not surprisingly, is the amount of grip he is going to have available. “The ice is pretty much unpredictable,” Myers said. “On the pavement you get excellent traction with the heated up tyre. With the ice tyre you get traction, but it’s not predictable traction.”

No stranger to wheelie speed records, Myers has twice travelled to the UK to participate in the annual World Wheelie Weekend, where he has recorded a speed of 215.6 km/h while standing his bike on its rear wheel for one kilometer.