2016-bugatti-chiron- 019

Priced at 2.4 million euros (RM11 million), the Bugatti Chiron is finally expected to turn a profit for the car maker. The new price tag is almost twice that of the previous Veyron, and Wolfgang Durheimer, president of Bugatti, told The Verge that it is finally at a point where the model now makes money for the company.

“We did our homework in every dimension. This car over its lifetime, with 500 cars and a base price of € 2.4 million, is adding into the bottom line result of Bugatti and we are making money with this project,” said Durheimer, at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show.

The profitable Chiron is in stark contrast with the outgoing Veyron, which actually set the car maker back anywhere between 3.6 to 5.8 million euros, depending on which variant it was. But that didn’t stop the Volkswagen Group-owned company from producing new special editions of it, one after the other — a price it gladly paid for claiming the honour of producing the “world’s best automobile.”

Several reports also suggest that it was the Veyron’s production itself that cleared a path for the Chiron’s profitability. With the Veyron, Bugatti had to develop the world’s fastest and most powerful production model from scratch. The Chiron, on the other hand, needed only to improve on the existing template, so to speak.