Did you know there are NEW car window tinting rules in Malaysia? Watch our video explaining the new rules to make sure your car's tint falls within the legal limits.

Posted by Paul Tan's Automotive News on Sunday, March 27, 2016

It has been a long time coming – it was first supposed to come into effect in November 2014 – the new window tint rules have finally been enforced in Malaysia. The updated regulations now specify different minimum permissible visible light transmission (VLT) levels compared to what was allowed before.

In short, darker tints are now permitted, but not on all windows. The new regs call for a minimum of 70% VLT for the front windscreen, 50% for the front side windows and 30% for all other windows (rear side windows and rear screen), as opposed to 70% VLT for the windscreen and 50% VLT for all other windows previously.

As it may not be clear to everyone, though, we’ve made this short video to explain it all better, using the new Mitsubishi Outlander as an example. As shown in the clip above, following the new rules to the letter will result in a slight two-toned look for the vehicle, with the rear windows appearing marginally darker.

Choosing the right (and legal) tint is vital, lest you want to risk fines of up to RM2,000 or six months jail. So, do keep this in mind when you tint your next vehicle. Of course, some models do offer window tint as standard to make things easier for consumers, such is the case with the Outlander, which comes with complimentary Konica Minolta solar and security window tint.