Puspakom Mobile Inspection Unit -01

Puspakom says it is anticipating to have at least 60,000 vehicles utilise its Premier Mobile Inspection Service this year, The Star reports. The company says the service, which is available via its mobile inspection unit, has been growing steadily since 2013.

According to Puspakom operations-premier services division head, Mohd Zuha Mohd Yusof, the computerised vehicle inspection company now has six trailers deployed nationwide to carry out inspections.

“The mobile services offered are similar to the ones offered at our Puspakom centres. The difference is that we go to our customers, especially those with a lot of commercial vehicles,” he explained. He said that the service was popular in the Klang Valley, Johor and Penang.


Save for Preliminary Inspections, the mobile unit can carry out all inspections outlined under the Road Transport Act 1987. These include routine, special, transfer of ownership and voluntary vehicle inspections. The latter covers engine and chassis number validation, above-carriage and under-carriage inspection as well as a brakes and suspension test, among others.

Fees and charges for inspections vary, depending on the type of inspection that has been carried out and the type of vehicle. Puspakom says that the inspection process is fast and simple and the inspection report will be provided to customers immediately.