And they’re back! Sort of. The trailer for Top Gear Season 23 is finally here, giving us our first taste of the show in its post-Clarkson era. With a new seven-person cast, episode one of the new season is expected to air in the UK come May 22.

From the minute-long trailer, it doesn’t looks like much has changed, save for the new crew. There’s a Dodge Viper ACR and a Corvette chasing each other around a track with Browning machine guns on their roofs, a Ferrari F12tdf is seen hammering its way around the Circuit Paul Ricard and there’s Jenson Button drifting a McLaren 675LT.

You can also spot Matt LeBlanc having a bit too much fun in an Ariel Nomad, Chris Evans losing his strawberry lunch, an Aston Martin Vulcan doing a few donuts on a track, and the return of the popular Reliant Robin on the show.

All in, it looks like the new cast is doing well to live up to the show’s hype. Wouldn’t you say? Tell us what you think about the trailer for Top Gear Season 23 in the comments section below.